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licenseThe State of Texas License Information

This excerpt has been taken from the Texas Private Security Bureau's web site:

"Texas law requires any person or company who provides investigations or security services in the state to be properly licensed to offer or to engage in such services. This requirements of law was originally passed by the Texas Legislature in 1969 and has been in effect ever since. To offer or provide a service required to be licensed without a license carries criminal penalties of up to a year in jail and a $4,000.00 fine. Hiring or employing an unlicensed company also carries this penalty.

The law requiring licensing is called the Private Security Act and can be found within the provisions of Chapter 1702 of the Occupation Code as amended."

AGC&M is licensed as a Security Contractor, which allows us to install alarm systems, surveillance systems, and electronic access systems. Our license number is B14176

To read more about security licensing check out the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau's web site:

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